If you have scarring from breast surgery or a skin issue of any kind, you may have considered visiting a dermatologist.

But there are so many different treatment options. Should you consider laser rejuvenation? Microneedling? Cryotherapy?

How do these treatments work? And which one is right for you?

Dr. Eshini Perera is a Specialist Dermatologist and Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists who practices at Cutis Dermatology in Brisbane, Australia.

She holds a Master of Medicine with First Class Honors from The University of Melbourne and a Master of Public Health and Epidemiology from the University of Sydney.

Dr. Perera has been published widely in both Australian and international medical journals and is first author for multiple textbook chapters. She has a special interest in medical, pediatric and cosmetic dermatology.

On this episode of The Breast of Everything, Dr. Perera joins hosts Kim Schott and Dr. Linsey Gold to explain how a personal struggle with acne inspired her interest in dermatology and share her expertise in treatments for scar removal.

Dr. Perera describes when it’s appropriate to treat scarring with laser rejuvenation versus radiofrequency microneedling, discussing how each process works and what to consider before you seek treatment.

Listen in to understand what skin conditions Dr. Perera treats with cryotherapy and learn how her individualized approach to dermatology helps patients look and feel better about themselves!

Key Takeaways

How Dr. Perera’s personal struggle with acne inspired her interest in dermatology

Dr. Perera’s individualized approach to a consult with women who want to look younger

The different types of scars and how hypertrophic and keloid scarring are common after surgery

Why Dr. Perera typically treats thick keloid scars with steroid injections

When it’s appropriate to use laser rejuvenation to treat scarring

What people with darker or Asian skin types and patients with photosensitizing conditions should consider before getting laser treatment

Dr. Perera’s experience diagnosing systemic illnesses based on skin manifestations

Why dermatologists get referrals from breast surgeons, gynecologists and ophthalmologists

What to expect after getting CO2 laser scar treatment and how long it takes to heal

The process of radiofrequency microneedling and how it’s used in scar treatment

What conditions Dr. Perera treats with cryotherapy and how it works

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