In 2017, Tami Burdick noticed a hardened area and lump in her breast. And she braced herself for a breast cancer diagnosis.

But after seven grueling months of testing, she was diagnosed with granulomatous mastitis or GM, a poorly understood and under-practiced chronic inflammatory breast disease.

Beyond being a survivor of GM, Tami is an advocate for women suffering from breast disease and passionate proponent of patient self-advocacy.

Tami has been featured in multiple TV interviews, as well as a recent New York Times article, “How to Spot ‘Medical Gaslighting’ and What to Do About It,” and she is the author of the compelling memoir, Diagnosis Detective: Curing Granulomatous Mastitis.

On this episode of The Breast of Everything, Tami joins host Kim Schott to share her journey through GM, describing the painful symptoms of granulomatous mastitis and how she discovered the source of the bacteria that caused it.

Tami explains how she found a GM support group and why it was invaluable to her, exploring the importance of doing your own research and advocating for yourself in a healthcare setting.

Listen in to understand how Tami’s medical team treated her GM and learn her A List for Advocacy Plan for being an active participant in your own health care journey.

Key Takeaways

When Tami noticed soreness and a lump in her breast and why she expected a cancer diagnosis

Why it took Tami 7 months to find out she had granulomatous mastitis

The steps Tami took to identify the bacteria from contaminated water that caused her GM

How Tami connected with a GM support group and how it helped her find the cause of her GM

What it’s like to suffer from granulomatous mastitis

How Tami found Dr. Kelly McLean and the team at Christ Hospital

How Tami’s surgical breast oncologist and functional medicine doctor treated her GM

Tami’s A List for Advocacy Plan—act, assemble, ask, acquire and apply

What inspired Tami to write Diagnosis Detective: Curing Granulomatous Mastitis

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Diagnosis Detective: Curing Granulomatous Mastitis by Tami Burdick

“How to Spot ‘Medical Gaslighting’ and What to Do About It” in The New York Times

Dr. Kelly McLean at Christ Hospital

Dr. Jared Seigler at the Living Proof Institute