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True prevention lies within

Don’t ignore what your body and mind are telling you.

Melissa Laborsky, MD

“From the spiritual perspective, there is no disease or illness. There is only undiscovered purpose.

When Melissa Laborsky, MD, heard this quote, it opened her eyes to a whole new world in the field of medicine. A family medicine physician who practiced traditional western medicine for many years, Dr. Laborsky has dedicated the past 12 years of her practice and life to studying Chinese medicine and qigong. Her training involved the Chinese energy approach to understanding, preventing and healing the root cause of disease, including breast cancer

In The Breast of Everything podcast, Dr. Laborsky, who opened the Indy Healing Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, shares her personal experience that led her to learning the connection between mind, body and healing, and practicing this approach with her patients.

More than 10 years ago, the physician suddenly began experiencing all kinds of health concerns – from intense allergies, to digestive issues, a thyroid imbalance and disruptive sleep. She also was having some difficulties in her personal life. She couldn’t understand why all of these issues surfaced around the same time. What did all of this mean? And did it all fit together?

That’s when she began studying Chinese medicine and learning how life experiences and the onset of physical ailments can be connected.

Countless cancer patients tell their doctors they have a lot of stress in their life, and they worry that is the reason for their cancer. “But, we don’t have any scientific evidence to connect the two,” reports Linsey Gold, DO, FACS, FACOS, Comprehensive Breast Care surgeon and co-host of the podcast with fellow breast surgeon Eric Brown, MD, FACS.

“Before we visibly recognize that breast cancer exists, it has been inside a woman for up to seven or eight years,” Dr. Laborsky points out. This can be very frightening for patients to hear because they think that is seven or eight years it can spread and go untreated. However, the cancer has not yet had that ability, Dr. Brown points out.

Dr. Laborsky notes that most women can identify changes in their life and their health that began taking place during those seven or eight years. “Things began to get stuck in their life,” she calls it.

The physician empowers those who feel “stuck” on their personal health journey to awaken connections among their body, mind and spirit. The key to wellness lies within you, she says.

Your own mental, emotional and physical health definitely has an impact on how well you will heal and how well you will manage your treatment, Dr. Laborsky adds.

The signs are there … they come back again and again and again … you are experiencing a function disorder such as a migraine headache, heartburn or a thyroid disorder, for example.

She sees acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine and herbal foods as empowering tools to complement traditional western medicine. They are other forms of supporting the healing process. “Your healer lies within you,” she announces. Many cancer patients feel their loss of control is an obstacle in their healing journey. They have control, she asserts. Patients have not loss it.

“Don’t ignore what your body and mind are telling you,” she concludes in the podcast. To hear The Breast of Everything with Dr. Melissa Laborsky, click this link: