Everybody is an expert …


Everybody is an expert … not!

How do you find reliable, credible, accurate information when it comes to your breast health?

So much information is available literally at our fingertips when we search the web on a myriad of subjects, and breast cancer seems to be an especially popular topic.

Comprehensive Breast Care surgeons Eric Brown, MD; Linsey Gold, DO; and Ashley Richardson, DO; discussed this topic on a recent podcast to help consumers better understand how to navigate through the endless information on the internet, which often is not scientifically factual.

One of the best resources for reliable, credible, accurate and up-to-date information is a health care provider’s site. When searching the web for general information on breast cancer, good sites are those with an “org,” or an “edu,” the breast surgeons find.

Always remember: no information should replace seeing a doctor or other health professional who can give you advice specific to you and your medical condition.


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